55 HP/s: the difference - Season 22 - Overwatch

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In this week's episode, we get grandma on the phone, meet an Ashe who refuses to wave, and hold on to Valk, and get carried by the team. These games were recorded on May 20th, 2020. You can support these videos by subscribing to my Twitch at

I have my own Discord and you are invited to join! (We have cakes, balloon animals, cute Mercy emotes, and are Mercy-main friendly! ^^)

If you need me to see/read/answer something, please ask me on Twitter. I read all my Twitter @mentions!

I don't think these matter a lot, but I keep getting asked about:
- Mercy's superjump: You use crouch+GA at the same time, and then jump when you get closer to your GA target and start going up. You continue the momentum that you had when pressing jump, so if you jump late, you go straight up, if you press jump earlier, you go at more of an angle. On console, I'm told that the superjump is more tricky, and that you need to press crouch slightly before GA for it to work. Good luck! ❤
- my control layout, you can find it here:
- my Mercy settings, you can find them here:
- my mouse sensitivity: I use in-game sense at 1600 DPI. About inches per 360. 100 GA sens, 50 beam sens.
- for recording, I use the "Instant Replay" feature from the NVidia GeForce Experience app (it used to be called ShadowPlay).
- for editing and rendering, I use Vegas Pro 17.

@Animetic on Twitter:
Sarahtje on Twitch:
on Instagram:

The thumbnail is one of my new Twitch/Discord emotes, drawn by Apple! You can find her over at

MBB - Happy
Tobu - Cool

#animetic #overwatch #mercy

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