Animating Mei's Frosty :) Highlight Intro - David Gibson @PoodleTime

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Hi, this is a recording of my animation process for animating Mei's "Frosty :)" Highlight Intro from Overwatch in Autodesk Maya. This video was originally made and presented as part of the Overwatch Exhibit in Blizzard's Irvine Museum. I hope this video will be helpful to animation students or anyone that is interested in learning more about the computer animation process. Enjoy!

None of the work included in this video would even be possible if it wasn't for the incredible character design, character modelling and character technical design work by my talented teammates on the Overwatch team at Blizzard Entertainment.

Character Design by: Arnold Tsang
Character Model by: Renaud Galand
Character Rig by: Dylan Jones
Technical Support and Workflow Tools by: Lan Fang & Dylan Jones.

Overwatch Animation Team:
Ryan Denniston, Jesse Davis, Michael Biancalana, Matt Boehm, Adam York, David Gibson

"Prepare to Attack" from the Overwatch Collector's Edition Soundtrack available here:
Overwatch обзор
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