Cloud Lux Carry! (Lights Comp) - Teamfight Tactics Full Game | TFT | Diamond

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Full gameplay of TFT... playing with Cloud Lux Carry!
This has to be one of my sloppiest games... when in doubt just carry Lux.
★ Leona / Yorick / Aatrox / Soraka / Lucian / Lux / Karma / Zed
⬢ Avatar / Light / Cloud / Lunar / Mystic

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Hi my name is Eddie! I stream, record, edit and upload my gameplay video as a hobby. I mainly play TFT, Hearthstone and Overwatch, but look forward to creating other content in the future. Making these videos help me be more critical of my own decisions, and help me become a better player. I try my best to share my thought process when I can. It's my goal to make these videos helpful to others too. I really appreciate your time to drop by - please consider subscribing if you think I deserve your clicks. Thanks!

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