D.Va is Officially DEAD! - How Sigma Fundamentally Broke Overwatch

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Despite a pretty varied meta for the average playerbase (aside from top 1% which always has meta) most of the heroes are in a playable spot in the right contexts... except D.Va. Everybody's favorite Meka Pilot has suffered from being power crept by Sigma who does most of her role plus more as well as GOATs-era nerfs that no longer apply to 2-2-2. In today's video we chart out how D.Va found herself in this perdicament where she was OP at everything, then weak but flexibile to be replaced by Sigma who fundamentally broke Overwatch to turn the tanking position into being about skillshots rather than just teamwork, pathing, space creation etc. Blizzard will have to handle with care, because with the balance being decent for the average player bar a few annoyances upsetting that balance with overcorrection for Dva or the new top 1% meta could have the same type of ripple effects that the Mei Reaper buffs did, which is to say, simply buffing a counter may not apply if there are more complicated reasons why they're out of the meta game. Dva may simply just not be able to rival the skillshot problem in tanklines now and Blizzard likely would have to over correct her power to make her OP everywhere if we're ever to see her in high tier play again... but that shouldn't be their goal... I hope. Gradual, careful changes to some annoyance and maybe a quality of life buff or two to D.Va would be okay, anything more drastic than that I'm afraid we may have another Reaper Mei problem on our hands. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it with a like and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to actually get notified when our videos go live! Check out our twitter linked below!

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