Even roleQ couldn't stop 2 Mercy mains in 1 game! - Overwatch Mercy gameplay

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In this episode, we play beta roleQ, meet Flocculency, see Sigma and die quite a lot

2:00 - Can't res here pretty much
3:20 - Valking the dragon, but their Doomfist comboed really well with the Hanzo, which got out Brig killed. Well, we wouldn't have won the fight even if I ressed Brig here, could end up wasting Rally.
4:35 - Such a skinny legend
7:25 - Got pushed by their Ball. It got me killed there (bad positioning from me)
8:05 - "Don't kill them" Yeah, just let them kill us...thankfully we got the point
9:00 - Valking Ball's ult to get to Ana
9:20 - Note: When Ball is slaming the ground, you can still go with your GA and don't get knocked up
9:35 - Healing Sigma's ult target, I hate that rock and his braindead dmg...tank btw
10:45 - Valking to get to Ana and maybe save her, res her
14:35 - Where did everyone go!?
16:05 - I would make it if not the Doomfist ult, but nothing to lose. Just going for it
19:25 - Valking our Ana death, we might still do it. Well, I didn't completely waste it, but out Sigma did
20:35 - Disgusting

My Top 10 Songs for August:
1. Diplo - Win Win feat. Tove Lo
2. Tove Lo - Talking Body (The Young Professionals remix)
3. BANKS - Gimme
4. Dread Pitt - Reckless feat. C.
5. Tove Lo - Talking Body
6. Adam Lambert - Rumors feat. Tove Lo
7. Tove Lo - Lies In The Dark
8. Tove Lo - Bad As The Boys feat. ALMA
9. Tove Lo - Got Love
10. Tove Lo - Stranger
11. RAIGN - Out Of Time

My spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/bazant25
My discord: https://discord.gg/uVxhJZP
My Mercy settings:
Toggle beam connection: off
Guardian Angel prefers beam target: off
Toggle Guardian Angel: off
Guardian sensitivity: 90
Beam sensitivity: 85

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