"Freeze Tag" Trailer (Overwatch Workshop Mode by Ch4rLizard)

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Latest Version [2.01] Import Code:

Banned Heroes:

Defrost Radius:
5 m

Mode Description:
Death = Freeze. Freeze an entire enemy team to win a round. You can defrost your allies by performing an emote while standing next to them. Frozen players may spectate their teammates' gameplay until defrosted.

Originally this was the first mode I'd tried to create in the Workshop, but eventually I got distracted by "Wake Up, Roadhog!" mode. Composing the music for this trailer actually took more time than creating the game mode itself or shooting the clips for the trailer. This is my first ever track for a trailer, yet not the first original theme.

Check out my first channel where I have a lot of musical covers for the existent music:
Overwatch обзор

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