I need to uninstall this game. TOXIC TOP 500 OVERWATCH. OW determines prestige in life?

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Back at it again. I remember when I used to be toxic, then realized that video games won't determine my value in life, and that being that high of a rank on a CONSOLE doesn't mean anything. I stopped playing seriously and super competitively since season 10. I now hop on every season to do my placements, perhaps every couple weeks after that I play a few games because so many people are just super toxic and rude.

If being top 500 means being toxic, I don't want it. Nor do I want to listen to fools like this who don't take any accountability for their stupidity. We aren't pros, stop acting like you are cause you'd most likely get clapped playing on PC. Stop trashing on other players.

This time it was a sombra who didn't change heroes, loved to play on the front line and complained about nearly every death. If you knew how to play Sombra properly, you shouldn't have died as much as this freak of nature did. I can understand the game gets frustrating, but you have nobody to blame but yourself, your positioning, and lack of communication.

Also had an Ashe requesting a damage boost because she couldn't kill a pharah. Maybe switch? Change how youre playing? There are options bro.

Pathetic yo, so I ranted some commentary on this shit. xD
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