Kpay- Losing Again (Charlie Puth- See You Again ft. Wiz Khalifa PARODY)

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We all have days where nothing goes our way. Where we can't win to save a life. Going on losing streaks is so demoralizing. It doesn't help with having throwers and leavers on the team. Seems like every other games there are throwers and leavers on your team. And you continue to lose SR and derank. After losing 10+ straight games, hopefully this song will refresh your mind and get you back in the game! A Overwatch parody song from "See You Again" by Charlie Puth ft. Wiz Khalifa. Hope you all like this song!

Vocals by: Sam Prestwich
Apple Music:

Credit to these people for helping out with the music video:
LIQHTX, StoneyBandit, EarthVirgo10, TheFakers, Murricane48, EpicDestroyR, RebornSun, GoldEAGLE, SpiceRat, AimbotSpirit, Dondoisgoodr, BlackVenom. and Jive

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