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The art of Shot calling can be a little tricky, especially when you're a support since your primary concern is keeping your team alive. Nonetheless, a shot caller support can win games not only through skill or heals, but also through good call outs.

In today's video I'm showing you an example of a couple of somehow basic call outs that you can replicate in your Overwatch games and can give you a huge advantage over the enemy team.

Do not be afraid to communicate important stuff like cool downs, ultimates used or swaps, especially since this kind of information is vital in winning games.

Also, another thing I want to add is NEVER EVER let someone silence you by mocking or denigrate you for trying to win a game through using voice chat and actually talking during the game - of course, game related stuff. It doesn't matter if you have an accent, it doesn't matter if you only know basic English. Do your job, ignore people who have nothing better to do than hate and win that game.

This video was recorded on King's Row and throughout this video you will see me play not only Ana, but Moira and a little bit of Zen too.
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