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Moira is one of the best supports to use when you are solo healing or when you need raw healing output in order to survive an enemy team comp that is mostly based on squishy targets. Even if her utility is not that high, she has her place in certain team comps that will definitely be improved if you pick Moira over other main healer like Ana or Mercy.
On Nepal, especially on Sanctum she can be really good if you take control of the point early and direct your healing/damage orb in the small room behind the point where it's the best place to take fights as Moira. She can easily be paired with Lucio for the Speed Boost or with Zen for the utility of the discord Orb and she completes their lack of healing with her left click ability and healing orbs.
In general, you'd want to use more the healing orbs rather than the damage orbs, since the healing orb does 300 hp rather than the 200 damage the damage orb does. Nonetheless, a good placed damage orb can secure some important kills on the squishy flankers or force the enemy healers out of their position.

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