Overwatch Dev Addresses the Power Creep Problem... Kinda...

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Even AFTER this video was published, a final post I didn't cover sort of apologized for the failure to communicate. As the day went on, this video underwent a few different edits. I want to say, I think Josh Noh is actually a genius. A miscommunication is fine, it happens. But the reason why so many of us have been so passionate in shooting down this reply, is how little discussion we get PLUS how narrow the discussion is. A lot of this could be avoided with meaningful discussion with the COMMUNITY, not the forums where anybody can post who has an account. Devs need to speak to COMMUNITY members more, instead of these one-off "here's a useless stat that doesn't make anybody feel any better." Not constructive.

What IS constructive is that a SMALL buff is coming to Dva and nerfs (or power switch-aroo, he didnt say) are coming to both Mei and Baptiste who are the heroes that kinda break what otherwise would be a very punishing and challenging version of OW, they do things that just protect the team from confrontation and counters too many things. Looks like it's getting addressed. Well done Blizzard. Poor communication though.

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