Overwatch Grandmaster Support: Moira Main Gameplay Pov + Top 500 players (Episode 2)

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Hey folks,

Sandstorm here,

I recently hit GM as a Moira main in Overwatch and am seeing how far into GM I can push.

This is Day 2 (= Episode 2) of my adventures in Grandmaster Support. Today's 5 games weren't too fruitful, I won 2 games and lost 3 games. In the video I talk about the losses and give some of my perspectives. I also choose one of the wins (with top 500 players on each team) and do a walkthrough/commentary as I replay the video.

Hopefully this helps to give you some insight into my thought process and my split second decision making and I hope this helps you climb the ladder as a support main :)

Feel free to share your comments below! Cheers,

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