Prelude to Adventure by John Polidora

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Prelude to Adventure is based on a new comic currently being developed by the artist called Miscreants and Thieves. Front and center is Sigurd the Scribe, a truth-seeker who uses his ability to draw and paint with magic as a way to document his experiences in the degenerate and absurd magical world in which he finds himself in. Accompanying him are Sandy the Wizardess, her serpant companion Kuu, as well as Stanely the Terrible, also known as the Abominable Barbarian Thief Lord.

John Polidora is an illustrator, character designer, visual development and concept artist working in game industry for over 13 years. The last 10 years, he’s spent working at Blizzard Entertainment creating key art, box art, magazine covers, book covers, comic book covers, promotional art, along with creating concept and in-game artwork for all of their current and upcoming licenses. Currently he is working with the Overwatch team contributing character design and concept artwork.

Music by Luke Polidora
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