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  • 01:27 Популярные 2017 Animation Reel

    2017 Animation Reel

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    A compilation of my work containing a selection of shots from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch as well as personal shots and student work. All the animation was done by me unless otherwise noted in the shot list below. All the animation in this reel was

  • 02:20 Популярные Miurika Valery Animation Reel 2018

    Miurika Valery Animation Reel 2018

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    B/W shots are for continuity. On last shot on the reel I worked only on the 2 main characters

  • 02:37 Популярные Casey McDermott - 2017 Animation Showcase

    Casey McDermott - 2017 Animation Showcase

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    A showcase of some of my work over the last year and change at Blizzard Entertainment. Thank you to all of Blizzard Animation for the help, support, and friendship along the way. Blizzard Animation is very collaborative and I am grateful to be part of the

  • 00:37 Популярные Bastion Transform Test

    Bastion Transform Test

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    A quick test I did to help identify Bastion's transformation for the Overwatch Episodic, "The Last Bastion". Watch the short here: https://youtu.be/to8yh83jlXg Shared for educational purposes only. © Blizzard Entertainment 2016