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  • 00:33 Final Year Project - Slipstream Short Animation

    Final Year Project - Slipstream Short Animation

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    Tracer Model by Blizzard Entertainment Hekaton Rig by Tre Vital Lacerian Caves by Kiel Figgins

  • 06:22 Популярные Game Animation Reel - Personal Favorites **Spoilers**

    Game Animation Reel - Personal Favorites **Spoilers**

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    I can't believe it's been 7 years since I left a secure job at Blue Sky to try something new in gaming.  To say it's been smooth sailing would be a lie, however the friends I have in both the film and gaming industry have been more than supportive in my c

  • 00:11 Популярные CrocWarrior Highlight Intro

    CrocWarrior Highlight Intro

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    I animated a Overwatch inspired highlight intro with the CrocWarrior Rig!

  • 04:55 Популярные JesseDavis Overwatch Reel 2016

    JesseDavis Overwatch Reel 2016

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    My work on Overwatch between 2013 and 2016

  • 01:18 Популярные Matt Boehm Overwatch Animation Reel 2018

    Matt Boehm Overwatch Animation Reel 2018

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    A quick update of animations I created for Overwatch since shipping the game in 2016. I'm very proud to have been a part of the team. Though I had the opportunity to work on animations for all aspects of the game my proudest accomplishments are: Sombra an

  • 02:11 Популярные Josiah Haworth Overwatch Reel

    Josiah Haworth Overwatch Reel

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    A Collection of the animations i contributed to Overwatch Since i joined the project. This is not everything i have worked on for OW but some of my favorites. :) Special thanks to the entire Overwatch team (Team 4) Especially Dylan Jones (tech artist), Al