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  • 04:53 Популярные Overwatch - Gameplay Trailer #1

    Overwatch - Gameplay Trailer #1

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  • 00:44 Популярные McCree Rig

    McCree Rig

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    Part of my final block involved refining my old work, so I spent a few weeks learning how to create an IK/FK switch. Model by Blizzard Entertainment

  • 00:07 Популярные McCree Dialogue Test

    McCree Dialogue Test

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    When I was interning on the Overwatch team, they graciously let me do a dialogue test on the side with one of my favorite characters. They even let me place it in the Hollywood Map and render it! A huuuge thank you to Ryan Denniston, Jesse Davis, David Gi

  • 02:01 Популярные David Gibson - Overwatch Animation Reel - @poodletime

    David Gibson - Overwatch Animation Reel - @poodletime

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    Collection of my animation work from Overwatch. I was responsible for character creation and animation of in-game character assets. My 3 main areas of focus on Overwatch were: -Mei's character creation & third person animation set -Various Play Of The Gam