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  • 04:03 Популярные Animating Mei's Frosty :) Highlight Intro - David Gibson @PoodleTime

    Animating Mei's Frosty :) Highlight Intro - David Gibson @PoodleTime

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    Hi, this is a recording of my animation process for animating Mei's "Frosty :)" Highlight Intro from Overwatch in Autodesk Maya. This video was originally made and presented as part of the Overwatch Exhibit in Blizzard's Irvine Museum. I hope this video w

  • 00:16 Mei - Overwatch Fanart

    Mei - Overwatch Fanart

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    A little experiment done in Photoshop and After Effects. You can see the painting here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VaeR5 Hope you like it!

  • 04:53 Популярные Overwatch - Gameplay Trailer #1

    Overwatch - Gameplay Trailer #1

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  • 00:25 First Day Headshots As Mei (Overwatch).

    First Day Headshots As Mei (Overwatch).

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    Highlight from my first day at trying Mei out.

  • 00:04 Популярные Overwatch - Mei Fanart

    Overwatch - Mei Fanart

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    We might not be heroes, but we sure love playing Overwatch :) . This is a low poly model of one of our favorite chracters Mei. Mei character belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. Concept art, model and textures : Qarlos Quintero Rig, skin and Animation : Gra

  • 02:01 Популярные David Gibson - Overwatch Animation Reel - @poodletime

    David Gibson - Overwatch Animation Reel - @poodletime

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    Collection of my animation work from Overwatch. I was responsible for character creation and animation of in-game character assets. My 3 main areas of focus on Overwatch were: -Mei's character creation & third person animation set -Various Play Of The Gam