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  • 00:10 Zenyatta’s Orb Prototype v2

    Zenyatta’s Orb Prototype v2

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    Zenyatta is a character from Overwatch, the new Blizzard game. I wanted to recreate one of his Orbs floating around him. Almost finished, going to use it in a later project.

  • 00:10 Aloy/Overwatch - Turntable Test

    Aloy/Overwatch - Turntable Test

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    Hey ! This is an update on my mashup between Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Overwatch. This is coming along nicely I think! Pretty happy with what I have so far... I think I'm done with the textures and shading! I'm doing various tests with lights and ba

  • 00:20 Aloy Overwatch - HD Posing

    Aloy Overwatch - HD Posing

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    Hey ! Wanted to try some posings with my Aloy. It's a project of doing a Mashup between Aloy from Horizon ZeroDawn and Overwatch, two of my favorite games ! You can see more of it on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/lad Hope you like it ! Cheers