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  • 00:31 Популярные Talonpuff Girls

    Talonpuff Girls

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    Talon from Overwatch with Powerpuff Girls intro :D

  • 02:20 Популярные Miurika Valery Animation Reel 2018

    Miurika Valery Animation Reel 2018

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    B/W shots are for continuity. On last shot on the reel I worked only on the 2 main characters

  • 01:22 Популярные AnimationReel_2016


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    Stuff I've been working on

  • 02:17 Популярные Overwatch AMV - It has begun

    Overwatch AMV - It has begun

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    This is a really fun game and I've been wanting to do something for this game. Then a friend Mattamint recommended the song It has Begun from Starset. Overwatch is owned by Blizzard Entertainment. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/ It has Begun is created a

  • 03:18 Numbers \ Ana, Reaper, Soldier 76 [Overwatch]

    Numbers \ Ana, Reaper, Soldier 76 [Overwatch]

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    The video was blocked in 246 countries so it was reuploaded. I'm just fucking done with all this fucking YouTube system. Blame the last Overwatch short as I got too inspired (because of some Reaper, I have no idea who is this guy) and remembered that I ha