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  • 02:15 Peter Starostin 2014 Animation Reel (updated 1/31/15)

    Peter Starostin 2014 Animation Reel (updated 1/31/15)

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    Character animation reel. Updated it on 1/31/15 Cut out some shots and replaced old Blur stuff at the end with Overwatch. Black and white shots are not mine but there for continuity.

  • 00:44 Behind the Cinematic: Trailer

    Behind the Cinematic: Trailer

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    www.behindthecinematic.com Behind the Cinematic is the leading publication dedicated to cataloging and providing learning resources for game cinematics. - Editing work by Bailey Kalesti. Music and cinematic clips are property of their respective owners. -

  • 02:39 SadaNamiki AnimationShowreel2017

    SadaNamiki AnimationShowreel2017

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  • 01:57 Corey Pelton - Animation Reel - Summer 2018

    Corey Pelton - Animation Reel - Summer 2018

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    My latest contributions to all things Blizzard. Responsible for all animation unless otherwise noted. All footage property of Blizzard Entertainment

  • 02:00 Популярные Animation Reel Summer 2016

    Animation Reel Summer 2016

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    My contributions to StarCraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Responsible for all animation.