Vlog | 10 days of productivity; my video creation process (filming, scripting, editing)

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THIS IS A VLOG, and will not appeal to everyone: there is lots of chat, and a lot of the non-sewing aspects of my job. Give it a miss if this isn’t of interest; regular content resuming in the next few days. Ye have been warned.

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Requests for personal dressmaking commissions are not considered at this time.

‘Her Own Device’ by Gavin Luke,
‘Otherworld’ by Lama House,
‘One Less’ by Howard Harper-Barnes,
‘Portobello Road’ by David Celeste,
‘Winter Solstice’ by Gavin Luke,
‘Under Your Wings’ by David Celeste,
Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()
‘The Light From Within’ by Howard Harper-Barnes,
‘She is Everywhere’ by Clarence Reed,

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