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I’ve always enjoyed the games of Blizzard but mostly ‘Overwatch’.
I had always wanted to make a fanmade motiongraphic for Blizzard, and I was finally able to complete this work with the full support and valuable feedback from my co-workers in Giantstep.
The main subject matters in this work consist of the character ‘Zarya’ from Overwatch, and the Zarya’s main weapon, the Particle Cannon. This motiongraphic was made as a promotional video dedicated for Volskaya Industries in which Zarya belongs to.
I hope you enjoy!

For more information and breakdown please visit -
Behance - https://www.behance.net/gallery/58687555/Volskaya-Industries-Promo-Zarya-ver
Making of - https://vimeo.com/242206516

Cinema 4d, Substance Painter, UV Layout, Octane Render, After Effects

Design/Production/Animating - Jisung Moon
Sound - Junho Kim

Overwatch обзор
overwatch, zarya, styleframe, c4d, cinema4d, octane, render, 3d, motion, graphics, fanart, fanmade, game, blizzard, animation, weapon, cannon, character, motiongraphics

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